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Simply Go

Respironics SimplyGo

The Respironics SimplyGo is an great lightweight portable oxygen system that produces up to 2 LPM continuous flow as well as offering up to a setting of 6 on a pulse flow. The Simply go is a fantastic option for travel as well as everyday use.


Respironics Everflo

The Respironics Everflo oxygen concentrator is stationary oxygen system. It is quieter, lighter and more energy efficient than most concentrators on the market. The EverFlo Q design is lightweight, smaller and sleeker, and easy to store and transport. The unit comes equipped with OPI (oxygen purity indicator). to allow for greater peace of mind for the client.

M10 Oxygen concentrator

Respironics M10

The Respironics M10 is a high flowrate oxygen concentrator. It produces up to 10 liters per minute of continuous flow oxygen, and is one the most reliable, and most durable high flow oxygen concentrators on the market today!


FreeStyle by AirSep

At less than 5 lbs. (2.3 kg), FreeStyle by AirSep is a truly wearable portable oxygen concentrator. It is tailored specifically for those patients who know no boundaries. As the most lightweight and quietest portable oxygen concentrator with up to a 3 setting, FreeStyle offers the same weight advantage of the smallest contents-based systems, yet provides an unlimited supply of oxygen for an enjoyable travel experience with O2. It’s oxygen freedom!

FreeStyle’s built-in battery provides adequate between recharges, while its optional AirBelt provides inconspicuous additional battery run time for outdoor and all-day events. FreeStyle and AirBelt combine fashion and function ergonomically, making it the superior travel oxygen concentrator.

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