COVID-19 Oxygen FAQs

COVID-19 Oxygen FAQs

Covid-19 Oxygen FAQs

1. Is Home Care Oxygen Service open?

Home Care Oxygen Service is open. Several safety measures will be in place to help protect our customers and employees such as social distancing and limiting the number of customers in the store at one time. Home Care Oxygen Service will continue to provide in-home oxygen delivery service to its clients. Home visits by a Home Care Oxygen Service healthcare professional  will continue to be available when deemed necessary.

Cylinder drop-off/exchange at store Home Care Oxygen Service stores is temporarily suspended; call 1.800.461.4339 to request a pickup or exchange of cylinders. For those provinces with cylinder depots, these sites will remain open.

2. A Home Care Oxygen Service representative called to tell me about my delivery (or pickup) of oxygen. Is it safe to let him/her into my house?

Yes, it is safe. When a Home Care Oxygen Service representative calls to arrange the delivery (or pickup) of your oxygen, he/she will ask you a series of questions regarding COVID-19. Your responses will help him/her choose the best Personal Protective Equipment (eye protection/ surgical mask/ gown/ gloves) to wear before he/she enters your home.

3. Should I stockpile oxygen cylinders?

Linde Canada’s oxygen filling plants have prioritized the reprocessing of medical oxygen cylinders and have adjusted capacity for the COVID-19 health crisis. To ensure that medical oxygen cylinders are available for all clients, Home Care Oxygen Service asks that clients and caregivers do not stockpile oxygen cylinders and further ask that they request a pickup of all empty cylinders that may be in the client’s residence. The empty cylinders will be returned to Linde Canada’s oxygen filling plants for reprocessing in order for cylinders to be available for all Home Care Oxygen Service clients.

4. Should I stock up on oxygen supplies such as nasal cannula and tubing?

Additional stock above what has already been provided by Home Care Oxygen Service representatives during home visits and deliveries is not necessary.

5. If I or a household member has screened positive for COVID-19, will I still get home delivery of my oxygen?

Yes, you will continue to receive your home oxygen deliveries. Home Care Oxygen Service employees have been trained in proper infection control procedures and will use the necessary personal protective equipment to make a safe delivery to your home.

6. If I am also prescribed a breathing treatment, such as a nebulizer, CPAP/APAP/Bi-PAP, or high humidity, will I receive my oxygen delivery?

Prior to your oxygen delivery, your Home Care Oxygen Service will call you to ask you COVID-19 screening questions. If you have had a breathing treatment, your delivery will be postponed until 3 hours has lapsed since your treatment ended. Do not start your next treatment until your Home Care Oxygen Service representative has completed your delivery.